Bubble Football Newcastle

Have you heard of the football craze sweeping Newcastle? Bubble Football bounced on to our Newcastle pitches last year and is here to stay!

A cross between traditional 5-a-side football and zorbing, bubble football combines the fun and competitive nature of the two to give you a action packed session.

Bubble Football sessions in our Newcastle Centre start from £149.00 including qualified coach and pitch hire.

To book we require a £50 deposit.

Phone 0191 272 4968 or fill out the online form below to check availability or book.

Bubble Football

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Bubble Football FAQ

Q. Is the Bubble Football session supervised?

A. Yes a trained member of staff will give the group a short safety briefing & host the session from start to finish.

Q. What is the minimum age?

A. 8 Years Old.

Q. Can we book bubble football if we have less than 10 players?

A. Yes you can play with less than 10 however the minimum cost is based on 10 players.

Q. What clothes should we wear?

A. Exercise clothes & trainers recommended, something that keeps you cool. Phones and any sharp objects should be removed before the start of the session.

Q. Is bubble football safe?

A. Yes completely safe, you are protected in a huge Zorb.