Welcome To The Team

Who Are We?

SoccerWorld is a family run chain of Premier 5 & 7-a-side Football centres based across the Scotland and North of England. Owned and operated by brothers Barry and Ian McDermott, SoccerWorld has been providing quality small sided football venues for the last 15 years. Prior to SoccerWorld, the McDermotts founded, grew and sold Goals Football Centres. In early 2020 Goals returned to the portfolio along with 46 centres. Currently SoccerWorld operates 5 centres under their own banner.

SoccerWorld Glasgow serves as the flagship centre and Company Head Office. Kilmarnock is the newest member of the SoccerWorld family, officially becoming our fifth centre in 2019, when we took over an existing site ran by our competitors, Powerleague.

SoccerWorld is proud to have over 100,000 people pass through their doors every year and will continue to strive to provide each and everyone with the best experience we possibly can.

What Do We Offer?

SoccerWorld offers a range of services and products but, primarily and most importantly, we offer 5-a-side and 7-a-side pitches for hire, either on a casual basis (a one-off) or on a block basis (a weekly recurring booking). Our main customer base for these bookings comes from the ordinary public wanting to play football with their friends and co-workers. This is supplemented by professional, amateur and youth football teams hiring our pitches for training purposes. We have five 5-a-side pitches and two 7-a-side pitches available for hire 7 days a week at our Kilmarnock Centre.

Our next revenue stream in terms of importance is our Leagues. We offer a variety of Divisions, running all year round, for all ages and abilities. All our leagues can be viewed on our website and we are always looking to add new nights, leagues and divisions to our existing schedule.

Football Parties potentially make up a large percentage of our Weekend Turnover, when we are quieter for 5s & 7s bookings. All our parties last two hours and include use of a pitch and food. There is a slate of add-ons that can be offered to customers such as Coach hire that can boost our income from each party.

Coaching is a great way to fill off-peak slots while introducing the next generation to football and our centre, which will have long-term benefits for the business. 

We also offer a PAYG option when it comes to our pitches, primarily aimed at U18s using it at the weekend. This option cannot be pre-booked and is used to supplement the main pitch income. 

 Our Cafe Bar is another important aspect of the business, serving hot drinks, snacks, juice and alcohol to our customers, 

Finally we offer a range of advertising and business partnerships. These are a great way to supplement income, while strengthening ties with the local community.  

What Is Our Company Ethos & Objectives

SoccerWorld believes in providing the ultimate 5 & 7-a-side footballing experience for footballers of all ages and abilities. To do so, we strive to have the best facilities, with superior playing surfaces and enclosed arenas for non-stop footballing action. Passion for Football is at the heart of our company and drives us forward.

We believe that a better customer experience comes from hiring the best staff possible and enabling them to grow through training, and on the job learning and experience. It is important to our philosophy that all our staff feel part of a team, while at the same time they are given the tools to develop as individuals and given the chance to progress whether that is with ourselves through our management programmes or by giving them skills that will stand them in good stead for the next step in their career. 

We promote honesty and integrity and hold all our staff to those ideals. It is important that we maintain the public’s trust in our company and act in a way that enforces and promotes that.

We believe in Diversity. People with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds help push us forward and grow as a company. We encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion.

Importantly it is our belief that small sided football is essential for the public’s physical and mental health as well as providing a sociable hub for our customers. We are very proud to play such an integral part of all the communities that we serve. 

As a SoccerWorld employee we expect you to always uphold our standards and work in accordance with our ethos. 

SoccerWorld aims to maintain the same high standards that we have set over the course of the last 15 years, and to continue to grow and expand as a business.