The Basics

In this section we will cover the basic information you will need to know when starting your new role within the SoccerWorld Team. With all the training materials, please make sure you take the time to read through them thoroughly, then complete and submit the simple quiz at the bottom of the page. 

At SoccerWorld we expect all our staff to be knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic. In order to do so it’s important that all our staff know the basics and have a broad understanding of every aspect of the business. 

Please remember, it’s okay to ask questions if you’re not sure of something, in fact we encourage it! Your managers and fellow team members are there to help.  


As well as being knowledgeable, we expect all our staff to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of their shift, wearing the staff uniform provided, and with a great attitude. Teams thrive when everyone treats each other with respect and understanding; add some enthusiasm into the mix and you will be unstoppable!

In the event that you are unable to make a shift on you rota, you must phone the General Manager and inform them that you won’t be able to work. On your next shift back after a sick day you will be required to fill out a Back To Work Form.

Depending on the length of your shift you are entitled to a break; if you wish to eat during this break, please consume your food in the back room. Staff are allowed to make purchases with their staff discount, see your manager for more details.


SoccerWorld’s opening hours are subject to occasional review and change but during school term times, we are open:

  • Monday: 10am to 10.30pm
  • Tuesday to Friday: 2pm to 10:30pm
  • Saturday: 9am to 6pm
  • Sunday: 9am to 10pm

Opening hours during school holidays are extended in order to accommodate our Coaching Camps. While there are Camps operating the centre will open from 9am. Festive Opening Times will be announced at the start of December.

All opening times are subject to change and the centre will close when the last pitch booked finishes. Staff should aim to be cashed up and ready to leave when the last pitch leaves. Saturday is subject to a 3pm close if there are no customers or parties in.


SoccerWorld prides itself on great Customer Service, a really important part of that comes from first impressions, whether that’s a customer walking through the door, phoning the centre or sending a message online; the first interaction with the SoccerWorld team sets the tone for the rest of the customers visit, and can ultimately be the difference between the customer booking a pitch or party. 

Answering the Phone

We should all be answering the phone the same way, with the same script:

“SoccerWorld, *Your Name* speaking. How may I help you?”

If you are alone, dealing with a customer in person, and there is no one else to answer the phone, simply excuse yourself and answer:

“SoccerWorld, *Your Name* speaking. I am just finishing up with a customer at the moment, so I’m going to put you on hold for a second. I’ll be with you as soon as possible.”

There are a few good habits to get into when it comes to the phone. 

  • Where possible answer before the third ring, you don’t want to leave callers waiting and customers already in the building don’t want to listen to a phone ringing out.
  • Wait until you have the phone next to your face to start talking.
    Many people rush to speak before the phone is in place. 
  • Be appropriately professional. Instead of, “Just a second,” say, “May I put you on hold?” Instead of, “Who is this?” say, “May I ask who’s calling?” You should always sound more formal at work than you would at home or on your own phone.
  • Smile when you speak, this will come across in your voice.

In Person

While there is no set script for welcoming customers when they arrive at the centre, there are a few ground rules to follow.

  • Where possible, greet each customer that comes in the building within the first few seconds of them arriving. Be genuine and sincere, this is what makes a welcome warm and heartfelt. This can be as simple as “Hello, how you doing?” to footballers coming in for their regular pitch booking or more expansive such as an offer to help, for customers that look like they’re there to book a party or are visiting for the first time.
  • Eye contact is important as is a smile. A greeting without a smile or eye contact will not make the customer feel welcome. No growling at customers! 
  • If you know their name use it, building up relationships with customers is a fantastic attribute and skill, and ultimately leads to greater customer loyalty. Customers will feel that you care enough and value them to know something about them.
  • Personalise – Don’t use the same generic greeting for each customer. We’re not a huge supermarket chain with a 10,000 customers a day, make each customer feel welcome, we’re looking to strike more the feel of welcoming someone to your house, rather than welcoming them to a tour of the Death Star.
  • Introduce yourself if it’s appropriate. Don’t go shouting your name at bewildered customers but if, for example, someone comes in to book a Birthday Party, it’s a good habit to say ” I’m *Insert Name here* nice to meet you, have you had a party with us before? No? I’ll talk you through it and get you booked in!”
  • Introduce the other staff. This mostly revolves around parties, but it’s good practice to introduce yourself and your fellow team members to the parents of the Birthday Child when a party arrives. Let them know you’re there to help, answer any questions and generally make sure they’re catered for.

Online Interactions

At various points you will have to communicate with our customers online, whether that’s via Social Media, Emails or our Online Chat function on our website. In these incidences you want to make sure you come across as professional, informative and concise. 

Poor grammar and spelling negatively affects the SoccerWorld’s image. Customers are more likely to trust a company that communicates clearly and correctly. The use of proper grammar will help maintain our credibility and reputation as a professional, trustworthy company.

When writing any sort of online communications please read over before posting or sending, paying particular attention to capital letters, punctuation, spelling and grammar. We should all avoid shorthand and slang. This applies to whoever you are talking to online while representing SoccerWorld, even if it’s your best friend of 15 years, each customer should get the same consistent professional tone and presentation. 

As we get a large volume of enquiries, with the same sorts of questions being asked on a regular basis, we have pre-written templates that should be used. Simply copy and paste the pre-written reply into where it needs to go and edit if necessary. Your manager will show you where to find these templates.


Primarily and importantly, we are in the business of selling football pitches. This makes up the largest percentage of our revenues and is what pays your wages! SoccerWorld pitch bookings all last for 1 hour as standard and can be booked in multiples of 1 hour. The pitch times are staggered to avoid congestion at the front desk, with pitches starting on the hour, at quarter past and half past the hour.

Pitch bookings that are not a multiple of 1 hour cannot be taken during peak times. Outside peak times, Manager’s discretion can be used to take 1.5 hour bookings.

All our pitches feature 4G FIFA Approved all weather surfaces, meaning that no matter how wet and cold it gets our pitches will be playable. Each arena is fully enclosed with professional kickboards, side netting and sky nets so that the football never goes out of play, meaning all our customers get to enjoy non-stop footballing action. No more chasing after runaway footballs!

Block bookings should be offered to everyone who books a casual pitch. The benefits of block booking are:

  • Guaranteed pitch every week
  • Always the same pitch
  • No cancellation fees ever
  • Eligibility for our loyalty scheme

All our blocks are continuous, with no end date until the customer cancels, or until they are removed due to failure to show without cancelling, two weeks in a row. Other centres will quite often offer blocks in 10 week lots, make sure to let the customer know that the time slot they are booking as a block is theirs, until they tell us otherwise, we want customers to play with us for years rather than weeks.

If a pitch booking does not show up and has not cancelled prior, they should be given a courtesy call and WhatsApp message to make sure they will be back the following week. Leave a note in the Booking notes to say that they didn’t turn up: and include the date, how they were contacted and any other relevant information. If they don’t get back to you, their block should be removed, and the pitch made available for hire.

All pitches should be paid for in full prior to kick off. The pitch organiser should be responsible for gathering all the money together and paying, customers should not be paying the desk separately, as this often leads to a shortfall in payment.


Finally for this section, we expect all our staff to know our prices inside and out. Take a minute to read over the various price points! Your managers will keep you up to date with any price changes or promotions that are running in the centre.


5-a-side Monday to Thursday – £45.00 

5-a-side Friday – £40.00

5-a-side Saturday & Sunday – £35.00 

7-a-side – £56.00 

Weekday Pro 5s League – £25 per team

Weekend Pro 5s League – £20 per team

Weekday Pro 7s League – £30 per team

Weekend Pro 7s League – £25 per team

One to One Provider Booking – £10.00 per hour

Kids PAYG –     £4 per head* (1 hour if a pitch is available off-peak)

Adult PAYG –    £4 per head* (1 hour if a pitch is available off-peak)

Youth Team Training 5s – £30**

Youth Team Training 7s – £50**

PAYGs cannot be booked in advance, minimum £10

Discretion can be used for kick off times before 6pm or on quiet days to lower the price.

A further £5 per pitch discount can be applied to any adult booking that is willing to pay for 10 weeks upfront and in full. 


Standard Football Party Package –  £135.00

Champions League Football Party Package – £185.00

Extra Kids – £10 per head

Coach – £20 per hour

Medals – £2.50

Party Bag – £2.00

All parties require a £50 deposit to book with the remainder of the balance payable of the day of the party once a headcount has been completed.


Trial Coaching Session – FREE

Monthly Block – £19.99 per calendar month

Coaching Camp Week Pass – £50.00

Coaching Camp Day Pass – £15.00

SoccerWorld 1-2-1 Taster – £10

SoccerWorld 1-2-1 Session – £20

SoccerWorld 1-2-1 Block of 5 Sessions – £90


Sweets – £1.00 (unless price marked)   Crisps – £1.00 (unless price marked)  Water – £1.00  Coffee – £2.00  Tea – £1.20  Hot Chocolate – £2.20

Can – £1.20 (unless price marked)  Vending Machine Drinks – £1.60  Spirits – £2.40  Bottled Beer – £3.00  Wine – £3.00  Cider – £3.50