1SoccerWorld FC
3Kingsly FC
4Real So So Bad
5Alice’s Fan Club
6Lads on Toure
8Exeter Gently
9Red Shots
10TC Scaffolding
11Tiki Taka
12Mobile House
13Eri Team
14West Harambe
15Team Space 1
16Team Space H
17B&M Ballers
18B & M Ballers
19Mario & Luigi
20Joe Marshall
21The Llyods Bar
22Team Space C
23Kroos Control
24The Tailors
25Sporting Hardons
26Bradly’s Team
28Fenham Mags
29Wigton Wiggies
31The Lockie FC
32Team Space 1
33Team Space G
34Team Space F
35ftTeam Space G
36Team Space D
37Barmy Army
39Unathletico Madrid
40Team Space E
411.75 FC
42Maroon 5s
43Bronx Sports Bar
43Jason’s Team
43Lloyds Bar
43Llyods Volvo
43TC scafolding
43Team Space
43Team Space 2
43Team Space1
43The Team Space G
53Team Space 3
54Llyods Bar
55Lockie FC
56Team Space 1
57Team M8Z

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