Staff Training & Resources

Welcome to the SoccerWorld Training Portal! Here you will find all the information you need to familiarise yourself with the day-to-day duties that you will be responsible for as a member of the SoccerWorld Team as well as the more advanced procedures and policies that help SoccerWorld run smoothly.

Each section has a quick and fun quiz to help recap the information and help highlight the most important points. Please complete each quiz before moving onto another section. 

Your General Manager will help guide you through the process of completing the SoccerWorld Training programme and any feedback or suggestions for admendments should be emailed to 

Contents: Staff

Welcome Newbie! 

So you’re new to the team? Jump right in and learn about SoccerWorld’s history, our ethos and what we expect from you as our newest employee!

Getting Started

Everything you need to know to understand the business, including basics such as opening times, prices and what’s on offer at your SoccerWorld!

When You Due In?

Whether it’s your shift pattern for the next week, booking in holiday leave or seeing how many hours you’ve worked, you need RotaCloud!

Intro to SmartCentre

We sell football pitches, it’s time to learn how we book in our customers and all the basics you will need to navigate our Booking System.

More SmartCentre…

You know how to do the basics, now it’s time to become an expert on all things SmartCentre!

Banking and EOD

All staff that work behind reception should know the basics when it comes to cashing up at the end of the night. 

Like, Share, Comment

The business has changed a lot over the years, the internet didn’t exist when we opened, get a low down on our Social Media practices. 


Not sure what you should be doing? We use to keep on top and track of your work loads.

Hip Hip Hurray!

Birthday parties are hugely important to our weekends, getting them right is rewarding and essential. All you need to know is in here!

What’s the Drill?

Coaching makes up an important part of our business, introducing the next generation of kids to the beautiful game. 

It’s Kick Off Time

Selling pitches is the single most important part of the SoccerWorld business. Leagues are an alternative way to do just that.

The Cloud

We’ve got five centres and a whole lot of data and files that need backed up and kept up-to-date. We do all that using Google Drive. Learn more.

You’ve Got Mail!

Keep the customer base up to date with great looking emails, easily and quickly. Newsletters never looked so good!

Online Payments

Paypal means we can now take payments by simply sending a payment link. Simple, quick and easy. Get up to speed now.

It’s Good to Chat!

We believe in connecting with our customers and making that as easy as possible. Our online live chat allows people to talk that visit our website.

Pint Please!

Everything you need to know to safely and efficiently serve alcohol in our Carlisle Centre. Cheers!

Who’s For A Brew?

Coffee, Teas and Hot Chocolates all bring in extra income, make sure you’re up-to-date with all the ins and outs of our coffee machine.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Video Content is an important part of what we do when it comes to our Social Media Output. Learn the basics of editing here.

Sell, Sell, Sell

The art of selling! We have to best, facilites, leagues and parties, learn how to communicate that effectively to prospective customers.

Keep In Touch!

Each Centre has it’s own Tablet with Business WhatApp installed to keep in touch with their customers. Here’s what you need to know.


All the information and policies that are in place revolving around the pandemic and the restrictions that have arisen. Subject to on-going change.

Getting Paid $$$

Not all our customers pay on the day, sometimes we have to Invoice them in order to get paid. Get the lowdown here.


Oh, oh, someone’s head has fallen off! What do you do? A spot of First Aid and Accident Reporting, Stat! Learn more.

Best Behaviour

As a team member there is a few policies and procedures you should be aware of. These are in place to protect both yourself and the business.

Contents: Management


Rota’s and Wages go hand in hand and the upmost care is needed to make sure everyone is paid their dues. (General Manager)

Review & Improve

Are you getting the best out of your staff? Employee evaluations allow you to measure and track your teams strengths and weaknesses. (All Managers)

It’s Good to Chat!

We believe in connecting with our customers and making that as easy as possible. Our online live chat allows people to talk that visit our website.