Do you think you and your mates have a touch of the Barcelona about you? Or maybe you’re more of a Burton Albion? Either way we have leagues to suit all levels.

Join a SoccerWorld League today. There are various benefits including:

– 40 Minute Games
– 4G Arenas with Skynets and Kickboards
– Match Highlights Online and on our Bar TVs
– League Tables Online and in Centre
– Team Profiles online with Stats and History
– Man of the Match Awards
– Free End of Season Round of Drinks & Domino’s Pizza
– BT Sport in the Bar
– Home & Away Changing Rooms
– Discounts on Friday & Weekend Pitches
– Free Gym Passes
– Trophies and Strips for League Winners

Phone 01228 535 493 or fill out the Online Form below to register or for more information.

Our next tournament, the Retail Cup takes place on Monday the 10th of April at 6.30pm