Football Parties

In this section, we will cover the information you need to know about football parties.


Football parties should make up a large percentage of the income taken during Weekends.

Our Party enquiries are generated, through in-house marketing, the SoccerWorld Website, Social Media and importantly Word of Mouth. Therefore, it is important that every party runs to the same high standard. We offer two different packages, our Standard Package and a Champions League Package.


A Deposit must be paid in order for us take a booking for either package.

Sportsoft Booking Screen Walkthrough



Standard Football parties cost £125 for 10 Children with additional children costing £10 per head.

The Standard package includes, Invites, Domino’s Pizza, Sweets, Crisps, Unlimited Diluting Juice and a Souvenir Birthday Card with a Team Photo.

Party Bags can be added onto the package at a cost of £1.50 per child

Medals can be added onto the package at a cost of £2.00 per child.

A Coach can be added onto the package at a cost of £20 per hour.

A £50 deposit is required at the time of the booking with the remainder of the balance payable on the day of the party.

On the day of the party the guests will play an hour of football outside on Pitch 2 to start, followed by half an hour inside for food and a Birthday Cake presentation (customer provides the cake), with a further half an hour back on the pitch to finish the party off.

Please note this package does not include a coach as standard.



A Champions League Package costs £175 for 10 Children with additional children costing £10 per head.

The Champions League package like the standard package includes, Invites, Domino’s Pizza, Sweets, Crisps, Unlimited Diluting Juice and a Souvenir Birthday Card with a Team Photo. In addition, the Champions League package includes a Coach for 2 hours, A Trophy for the Birthday Child, Medals and Party Bags.

These additions would add an additional £90 onto a Standard Package, so the Customer will make a saving of £40 by taking the Champions League Package.



It is important that we don’t have any mistakes with any Birthday Bookings, so all our Birthday Parties are Triple Booked to avoid double bookings, oversights and mistakes. Each Party should be booked onto the Sportsoft Booking Screen, the Centre Diary and on a Birthday Party Form which is then filed away in the Birthday Party Folder.

Whether a customer is making a booking in person or over the phone, you should follow the same script when selling them a party that should include the following points in this order:

  • A £50 deposit is required to book the party, this should be mentioned early on when taking a booking so you do not go through the whole process of booking in the party to find out they are unable to pay there and then.
  • Party lasts two hours in total and costs £125 for our standard package or £175 for our Champions League Package.
  • Invites are included
  • The children will be playing football for the first hour, juice will be available throughout the party.
  • After the first hour the children will be brought inside for Domino’s Pizza, Sweets and Crisps which are all included in all our packages.
  • If the customer has a Birthday Cake, we will present it during the half an hour inside.
  • The children will then be taken back outside for a last half an hour of football.
  • At the end of the party the Birthday Child will receive a Birthday Card with a Team Photo inside
  • You should then tell the customer, if you chose the Champions League Package, a Coach for 2 hours, Party Bags, Medals and a Trophy for the Birthday are included which saves them £40.
  • It is important at this stage that you then ask, “Would you like me to check availability?” in order to transition into completing the sale.
  • If we have the date available, make sure you ask, “Would you like to book that?”
  • If we do not have the date or time available, it is important to tell the customers which slots we do available around about the same time.


If the customer is happy to go ahead with the booking, the next step requires the Birthday Booking Form to be filled out. This can be found on the back of the promo flyers for our Birthday Parties pictures below.

A Deposit must be paid in order for us take a booking for either package.

If the customer is paying over the phone and wishes us to post the invites rather than collecting them, there is a £2 surcharge for postage.

If the customer is in the centre while making the booking, let them fill out their own form. Once they finish, make sure they have filled out all the required fields. In the notes box put the amount they are paying that day. Sign your initial next to this to confirm you took the booking.

Once the form is filled out you can take payment of £50 to secure the booking. If they wish to pay the full balance take payment for 10 kids only, so that we don’t overcharge them and have to refund them money on the day if less children turn up. Book the party onto the Sportsoft Booking Screen as you would a non-member pitch using the kids first name and age in place of the surname i.e. “John Age 8”. When you get to the option box pictured on the left, make sure you highlight Party. This will change the default amount to £50 and book the party in as a party rather than a standard football pitch. If you need to change the amount you can do this in the option box after choosing your time slot in the same way you would change a pitch booking price. If the customer is paying over the phone and wishes us to post the invites rather than collecting them, you would change the booking price to £52.

Once they have paid, print off two till receipts, attach one to the top right corner of the flyer. Put the other one in an envelope along with a party outline letter, invites and a card receipt if the customer paid by card. Hand the envelope to the customer or if they are making the booking over the phone make sure you ask for the address to put on the envelope.

To finish off the booking put the booking in the centre’s diary on the day of the party, including the child’s name and age, the customers phone number, the start time, any coaches required, any optional extras chosen and your initials so we know who took the booking.

File the completed birthday form in the Birthday Party Ring Binder.



The aim for all our parties, is to make the day as hassle free for the parents as possible and of course as enjoyable as possible for the children!

Before the party arrives, the Café Area should be set up to accommodate the children. Rearrange the tables so you have a long table with enough chairs to accommodate all the guests. Put a Paper Plate, a Napkin and a Plastic Cup out at each place setting and fill jugs of juice up and leave them on the table.

The Café area should be clean, hoovered and looking presentable for the guests arriving. Make sure there is music on and that the centre is looking good.

When the party arrives greet the parents at reception. Introduce yourself to the parents who have booked the party. You should introduce yourself, in a similar fashion to the below transcript:

Hello, my name is *Your Name* and I will be your party host today. Have you had a party here before? You will be on pitch 2 for the first hour of then the children will be brought inside to have their food and will return to pitch 2 for the remainder of the party after they have finished eating.

If the party includes a coach, they should be introduced to the parents at this time too.

Do you have a cake or any party bags that I can take behind the desk for you? How many kids are you expecting today? We will do a kid count as the guests arrive and will bill you at the end of the party so that we don’t overcharge you. If you want to have a seat in the café area, we will take you to the pitch at 12.30pm. Again my name is *Your Name* and just let us know if you need anything at all today.

When at the desk, direct any guests to the correct pitch or into the café area if the party has not started yet. Make sure you greet every guest in a cheerful welcoming way.

When the party starts phone Domino’s and order enough pizza for the correct amount of kids attending and ask for it to be delivered at the hour mark of the party. We have a deal with Domino’s to provide all our party pizzas for £6 per pizza with a minimum order of £12. This only applies to Large Cheese Pizzas. Order 3 Large pizzas for a party of 10-15 kids. Each pizza is sliced into 10 pieces and each child should get 2 slices. If there are more than 15 children you will have to order an additional pizza per every 5 children

When the party starts you should take jugs of juice and plastic cups down to the pitch and put them on a blue stool outside the pitch door for the children to have a drink.


While the kids are playing you should prepare the cake (take it out of the box and put it on a tray if required and put candles on it) and make sure sweet trays are filled and more jugs of juice are filled up.


When the food arrives, either the coach (if they have booked one) or the party host will gather the children on the pitch in front of a goal and take a team photo on a phone (landscape style) before bringing the kids inside and getting them seated. Another member of staff should put food gloves on and put two slices of Pizza on every plate.


Make sure they have enough juice poured and any extra pizza is given out if required, if there is spare pizza after the children have eaten this can be given to the parents. Be present while they eat, making sure you are offering refills on juice. Once they have finished eating, ask the mum/dad if they are ready for you to sing Happy Birthday. If they are then get the cake and gather the kids and sing. After this, collect the empty food plates and put out sweet and crisps trays (butterflies). After they have ate the sweets then tell the parents they can return to their specific pitch. If they have a coach for the second half, the coach will lead the kids to the pitch.


When the kids have left, the party table should be cleared and set up for the next party (if there is one). Email the photo that was taken earlier to the reception computer and print this on photo paper. Write out a Happy Birthday card with a personalised message for the birthday child and staple in the photo.


On a compliment slip, write out the party’s balance, extra kids, extras and final total. Ask the parents if they would like the cake cut and put in the party bags. The party bags/cake should be set out on the reception counter neatly with medals if they’re included in the package, ready for the guests to be given one each.

When the party is finished, thank the party parents and give them their bill, the party photo and a Birthday trophy (if Champions League Package). Also return any unused party bags and extra cake. Ask of they enjoyed themselves and if they have good feedback ask that they leave us a review with Facebook.